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Van 24 Mei 2014 tot 02 November 2014

Palazzo Cini. The Gallery. Masterpieces of Tuscany and Ferrara from the collection of Vittorio Cini

An extraordinary collection of works from Tuscany and Ferrara in ...

Van 07 Juni 2014 tot 23 November 2014

Mikhail Roginsky. Beyond the Red Door

The very first Italian exhibit of the works of Mikhail ...

Van 25 Augustus 2014 tot 23 November 2014

14. International Architecture Exhibition

Fundamentals is the theme chosen this year by curator Rem ...

Van 06 Juni 2014 tot 29 November 2014

The Glass Tea House Mondrian

Japanese artist Hiroshi Sugimoto offers up his works for an ...

Van 13 September 2014 tot 08 December 2014

Venice defends itself 1915 - 1918

A splendid photographic exhibit at the Giudecca! In an impressive ...

Van 05 Juni 2013 tot 31 December 2014

Prima Materia at the Pinault Foundation

From the Pinault collection, over eighty works collected by Pinault ...

Van 30 Augustus 2014 tot 11 Januari 2015

Divine. The splendors of cinema

Simultaneously with the opening of the International Exhibition of the ...

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